Skid Row Marathon and I Run On

I heard about a film called Skid Row Marathon from a colleague and I went to see it the other Wednesday in Cardiff. There was only the single showing, I think.

The film in the UK was preceded by a short film called I Run On. I was expecting to find Skid Row Marathon inspirational as it is a true story about how running helps people’s lives in other ways than just improving people’s health. It follows a criminal judge in Los Angeles who operates a running club from a homeless hostel in Skid Row and follows some of his club members through some big changes in their lives. One of the things he likes to do is to train them for marathons and then to find the funding etc to enable his club members to participate in overseas marathons and they attempt the Rome Marathon. It was inspirational.

However, I really loved the I Run On  film. This featured an organization called the Running Charity and interviewed various people who run on how running has benefitted their lives. It finished with a poem and it really hit home to me that I could do more to bring running into the reach of more people.

I am now inspired to look at ways to bring running into more people’s lives and to see how that can benefit them. It seems to me that I have at my disposal many of the ways that I can make a difference.

The same colleague who alerted me to the film has asked me to give a 10 minute talk on running at the end of the month. I hope I do half as good a job as the people in I Run On and I have put links to the film, the charity, and the poet, so that you can take a look at these. I am not sure whether or not the short film will be released at all but if it is it is brilliant

Let me know what you think I could talk about that would inspire people to follow me and start running.


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