And for this week’s blog …

My brother and I signed up for race which started and finished in a place called Devil’s Bridge. We had arranged to meet in my brother’s house and then travel together to Devil’s Bridge for the race. I only arrived at my brother’s to discover that I had forgotten to bring my trainers.

My brother thought that we could get back to my house pick the trainers up and get up to the start in time for the race. Every slow car appeared in our way!!! Our cousin was also running and we rang her to let the organisers know that we were on our way but would be late.

We eventually arrived picked up our numbers and started. I think we started 30 minutes after everyone else. My brother who runs faster than me ran up the hill telling me where to turn off. I thought I was ok as I had a map and I told him this. He then ran off thinking that I had picked up a map and not got one for him. I thought that he knew where he was going.

I finished the race and wasn’t the last 10k person back. My brother finished a few minutes after me after completely running a different route. He had managed to run 3 miles further than me. Our mother came too and enjoyed herself and we went to my cousins for tea. We got home and it felt like a lovely day out.

My reason for telling you all this is that this time last year I would have had a melt down but this year after having completed the Master Keys Course, I was able to look  at this differently.

So thanks to Peter for being so lovely and taking me home for my trainers. Thank you to the organisers and marshals.





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